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Lite Solar Corporation offers high performance photovoltaic solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Utilizing our own patented technology, we engineer, manufacture, install, manage, and maintain commercial grade solar arrays custom designed to provide your company with energy savings and stability. You will enjoy an enhanced property value and will gain the benefit of a well received corporate message as a green business. And you will not have to invest a penny with us. We invest in you ..... And by investing in you, we are investing in the future of our planet.

If your business spends $ 2,500/ month or more on electricity, we will custom design and install a solar system for your company with:

                  NO UPFRONT COSTS

                  NO MAINTENANCE COSTS

                  NO OPERATIONAL COSTS

                  NO REPAIR COSTS

We will even provide BATTERY BACK-UP to keep your business up and running during unforeseen utility black-outs, for total peace of mind.




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Here's How We Do It

Lite Solar's team of experts work with you to design and build your solar system custom tailored to your specific business. Lite Solar owns the system. Through our Power Participation Agreement (PPA) you pay a set rate only for the solar energy you use at a substantially lower rate than your current electricity cost. Our customers experience savings of 10% per month from the moment the system is activated. As utility rates continue to increase, so do your savings.

In the final analysis, Lite Solar designs your system, installs, maintains, repairs, and operates your system at no cost to you. You only pay a discounted monthly charge for the electricity you use. Lastly, our state-of-the-art monitoring lets us know if your system is operating at peak performance. You will enjoy the benefits of a completely expense free, worry free source of clean renewable solar energy.

Please browse our solar systems to view the style that will enhance your property and lower your energy costs.



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